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About the different kayak styles

Recreational – Access 9.5, Prodigy XS, Prodigy 10.0, Prodigy 12.0, Conduit 13, Aspire 105, Tarpon 120, Pungo 120, Pungo 140
Recreational kayaks are designed with both the beginning paddler and flat water in mind. They are shorter, wider, more stable, and easier to maneuver than touring kayaks but they take more effort to paddle than a touring kayak. They are great for flat water in the rivers and harbor, exploring smaller inlets, or on local ponds. Best choice for the beginner.

Touring – Carolina 12, Carolina 14, Tribute 12.0, Tsunami 140, Tsunami 145
Touring kayaks are sportier and a step up from a recreational kayak. They are longer and sleeker than recreational kayaks and have smaller cockpits suitable for attachment of a skirt. They are more efficient in moving through the water, but they are somewhat less maneuverable and less stable than the recreational kayaks. Most touring kayaks have storage for gear. They are perfect for people who are comfortable on the water and want to paddle farther or longer.

Tandem Kayaks & Canoes – Cove 14.5T, Conduit 14T, Pamlico 13.5T and Mad River Canoe/Adventure 14
Perfect for two adults with room for child or pet as well as picnic lunch and plenty of gear.

Sit-on-top Kayaks – Tribe 9.5, Tribe 11.5, Triumph 13.0, Pescador 13.0T
Easy-in, easy-out kayak great for the beginner (or claustrophobic). No worries about tipping over because you can just climb back in and the boat is self-draining.

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs)
Looking for the latest in paddling – this is it. A full body workout which is becoming a favorite cross-training activity, and with the advantage of height, you’ll get great views of the wildlife and what’s on the horizon. It’s almost like walking on water!


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2 Hours, Half Day (4 Hours), Full Day (8 Hours), One Week


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